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We provide state-of-the-art solutions based on the most recent breakthroughs in the field of semantic technologies, to enable a direct and effective management of enterprise data.

We support organizations in dealing with the challenges of data governance, production, and management through solutions based on the groundbreaking Ontology-based Data Management technology.

OBDA Systems is an innovation startup of Sapienza University of Rome, and a company of the Almawave Group.


Ontology-based Data

A three-level data virtualization technology that allows data access, integration, quality checking, and governance through an ontology or a knowledge graph.

The Ontology Layer

A knowledge graph that describes the business domain: a user-friendly, machine-readable model of the enterprise data.

A high-level representation of the business domain through which data is accessed.

Data access, integration and quality checking are enhanced by exploiting automatic reasoning capabilities over the graph.

The Mapping Layer

Semantic Links between the ontology and the enterprise data sources.

SQL Queries over the databases are connected to the ontology entities, in order to enable virtual data access.

Mappings allow separation of the physical data structure from the ontology model, and bridge the semantic gap between the two.

The Data Layer

Enterprise data sources and applications.

No new custom databases are required. No ETL processes. Zero impact on the pre-existing enterprise data layer.

Pay-as-you-go model: connect new data sources to the ontology by mapping them to instantly gain integration.


Access data through simple business questions over the ontology, regardless of where and how the data is stored.


Reduces turn-around-time for key business decisions and drops the cost of querying the data.


The virtual data-to-ontology mappings require no ETL processes or custom database restructuring.


A pay-as-you-go approach to building the ontology and mapping the data for any business use case.



Simplifying data governance, boosting information management services, and getting the best out of your data.

Semantic Data Access and Integration

The ontological representation of the enterprise data simplifies the work of the domain experts, who can use business concepts to interact with integrated data sources for the purpose of data governance and analytics.

Enterprise Knowledge Graphs

Knowledge Graphs and ontologies give meaning to enterprise data through the business language.
OBDA Systems provides tools and expertise that help organizations build and maintain their own Enterprise Knowledge Graphs.

Data Quality Checking and Governance

The ontology provides the business rules to measure the quality of enterprise data. OBDA System’s tools leverage these rules to help identify and correct data quality issues, and improve the value and reliability of the enterprise data sources.

Preparation and Publication of 5* Linked Open Data

Preparation, annotation and publication of 5 star Linked Open Data through a simple query-driven pipeline. Support for W3C standards, data lineage tracing, privacy and protection management through the ontology model.



The Mastro Suite: OBDM tools for the end-user and the designer.

The motor behind OBDM: an ontology reasoning system with virtual query answering capabilities over enterprise data sources and automatic data quality verification with respect to the ontology business rules.

The Semantic Knowledge Graph Platform: Monolith is the gateway to accessing Mastro’s features, while also allowing ontology exploration, knowledge graph creation, data mapping visualization and editing.

An Open Source, free-to-use, completely graphical ontology editor with syntactic and semantic reasoning capabilities, to ensure quick, safe, and easy ontology creation.


Our Team

Maurizio Lenzerini

Co-Founder & President

Raniero Romagnoli


Valerio Santarelli

Co-Founder & CTO

Marco Ruzzi

Co-Founder & Lead Developer

Lorenzo Lepore

Co-Founder & Senior R&D Engineer

Giacomo Ronconi

Senior R&D Engineer

Gianluca Pepe

R&D Engineer

Domenico Lembo

Co-Founder & Scientific Advisor

Antonella Poggi

Co-Founder & Scientific Advisor

Domenico Fabio Savo

Co-Founder & Scientific Advisor

Giuseppe De Giacomo

Co-Founder & Scientific Advisor


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